About Me


I slowly explored the benefits of Paleolithic Diet when my health started to decline last quarter of 2014. Then in January of 2015 I got diagnosed with Graves Disease. In the beginning I found it hard to start a lifestyle modification due to overall low energy, poor endurance, low appetite, insomnia, tachycardia, digestive issues and shakiness.  I was on a medication treatment to help control the over-the-maximum-limit lab results but it turns out I’m allergic to the medication. I was between a rock and a hard place, my health is fast deteriorating I had to stay in bed for days and my weight was dropping to an unhealthy level. I had to decide on a drastic measure. After a successful Radioactive Iodine treatment I had a month of respite where I thought I am back to my “normal level.” Then the sequelae of my disease set in, Graves Eye Disease which resulted to swollen eyes and face, pressure in the eyes, pain, migraine-like headache and sensitivity to light. My endocrinologist  prescribed prednisone but I requested for a two-week waiting period. I am a healthcare professional and I’m familiar with the side effects of prednisone in both short-term and long-term uses. My friends and colleagues all had good advise for me and I felt that I had to grab the steering wheel. With that in mind and with quite desperation I google searched “lifestyle modification for Graves Disease” and I found myself learning more about  Paleo Diet and looking closely at its version, Autoimmune Paleo Protocol and its many benefits for Autoimmune Issues at Mickey Tresscott and Angie Alts’ blog  http://autoimmune-paleo.com/.  I realized continuing the current Standard American Diet was unsustainable. I started with AIP last March 2015. I’m sharing my journey and recovery here and as my way of paying it forward.

One of the challenge I encountered with AIP Paleo is that being Asian and coming from a tropical country, it’s hard to be grain-free and gluten-free. That was what I discovered in my first month in AIP Paleo. Rice and Noodles is ever-present in Asian Cuisine. I included in this cookbook the simple solutions to these problems. The section Kitchen Tricks with Boiling and Frying offers quick alternative to the rice and noodles issue when following this protocol.

For me, going AIP is not enough. I found myself craving traditional tropical dishes I had when I was growing up and while living in the Philippines. These are basic and simple recipes and dishes I’m sharing as I innovated each recipe to be AIP friendly. I believe that I should honor that which my body needs in time of healing period. The problem on how to modify the recipes so it can be an AIPP dish is a bit complex and might be audacious. The reason I attempted to present this traditional Filipino recipes here is to help people who had health issues like me and contribute to the growing bulk of recipes available for people with Auto-Immune disorder. I am not a cook nor claim to be an expert in Asian dishes. I know I might disappoint the purveyor of authentic Asian cuisine. I meant no disrespect and only hopes to innovate for the purposes of having an AIP-friendly tropical dishes.

It’s my fourth with AIP Paleo and I’m amazed on how this protocol is helping me. My energy level is almost back to normal. I’m back to my usual professional workload and my creative energy is back. I am able to maintain a normal body weight and had a clearer skin. I’m grateful for my daily recovery as I learn healthy AIP Paleo recipes, connects with the AIP/Paleo community and reconnecting with my roots and holistic lifestyle modifications.


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